RIGHT!? OK seriously, how many of you watched Napoleon Dynamite? The scene above is from that movie. AND none of us want a photo that will turn out like that one, or a photographer that acts like that one either, ha!

So here are a few things NOT to do at your SENIOR SESSION:

1. Do NOT wear clothing that you don’t feel comfortable in! You want to be able to move freely and comfortably and not have to worry about everything being covered or not covered. Walk with ease not struggle in heels if that’s not your forte. If a necktie feels like a torture device, you probably shouldn’t wear it.

2. Do NOT over do it on your makeup.! You don’t want to look like Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show”. You are probably too young to know who that is so here is a photo…

mimi drew carey.jpg

What you wear everyday will look great in the photos. There is no need to add extra. And all of your photos will be professionally edited before your order is processed by yours truly so they look perfect!

3. Do NOT try to be someone you are not! Just because your friends are doing something “different” in their photos doesn’t mean that you need to try to do that as well. You need to bring your own personality and style to your session and we will find the perfect location that fits who you are! If you are into sports, or music, or dance, or cars, or animals, or whatever it may be we can add an aspect of that as well to make it uniquely you.

4. Do NOT bring people to your session that will make you feel uncomfortable! If you think that you will have a hard time posing in front of someone, don’t bring them to your session!! Sometimes some of the poses that I will put you in may feel a bit funny (they look great but it feels a little awkward) and having friends there can make it even more awkward. UNLESS they are going to make you laugh! Then by all means, bring them!! Laughing is all kinds of allowed!!

5. Do NOT be shy! The more personality you show, the better your photos will be. These photos are going to represent your senior year and you want them to be true to you.


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