What Moms REALLY Want For Christmas

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

There are a ton of lists out there, that claim to be the “best gifts for moms” or the “best gifts for her” and they all kind of drive me crazy. I mean, how many personalized items can you get!? Flowers die, my husband already calls me the bag lady (although, I could use a few more…), you can only have so many kitchen gadgets, and at my house candles just collect dust. So I’m here to tell you what moms REALLY want for Christmas (or any other time that you would like to give her a gift, for that matter)!

No. 1 Best Gift For Moms

Moms want to sleep until they are ready to get out of bed. They want to go to the bathroom and actually have privacy. That includes showering (or soaking in the bath) for as long as they like with no interruptions. Being able to sit and enjoy a good book or a movie of their choice would be fabulous. Having adult conversations with people that they enjoy being around is always a plus. Not having to do a single thing that they don’t want to do, would be a great feeling to start the day. Being able to go somewhere on a whim. Just deciding to go somewhere and going, without the battle of getting the kids ready to go.

Now don’t get me wrong. We Moms LOVE being Moms. We love caring for our children, seeing the smiles on their faces, watching them learn and grow, helping them process hard situations, and see them turn into the beautiful people that they are. And there isn’t a much more magical time than Christmas! Seeing the joy it brings them is almost overwhelming.

The love we have for our children is deep. So deep in fact, that most of us make very little time for ourselves. Our job is to make sure they are happy, healthy, and well-cared for. We feel their aches and their pains, their highs and lows as if they are our own. But at some point, Mom’s have to take a breather. My husband and I call it a “Mental Health Weekend”.  This my friend, is where you start taking notes. So husbands, spouses, significant others, get out your pen and paper and write this down!!


1. Mental Health Weekend – Schedule A Weekend Away for My Wife! (And ladies, it goes both ways! Those men of ours work hard too!!)

Now, to plan one of these “Mental Health Weekends” you will need to know what your wife likes. Does she like to be pampered? I mean who doesn’t!? Maybe schedule a hotel stay with a spa (this is totally right up my alley!!). Maybe she’s more outdoorsy and wants to go camping and be alone in nature. Maybe she wants to spend some time with a friend that she never gets to see…but whatever it is make sure it is what SHE (or HE if this is for the Hubs) wants and needs. BUT here is the kicker. There must be absolutely NO KIDS ALOUD. Even if she is telling you that she doesn’t think she can leave the kids that long, trust me, she NEEDS it! AND SO DO THEY! She (or he) will come back refreshed and be a better version of herself once she has gotten a chance to take a break! Ever heard the saying “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.”? Well, it’s true! And so does sleep.

So plan a weekend away for your significant other that is desperately needing a break. Pamper them and give them some time to figure out who they are when they are among adults…and not fighting a 2 yo over what color cup he’s using today.  This parenting gig is hard work!! And sometimes we all need to take a breather and let someone else put the kids to bed. Just promise me you will plan this weekend away for after the holidays. No mother wants to miss seeing her babies open their gifts. Make it a gift certificate to put under your tree and she will be completely thrilled!! It will put a spring in her step, trust me!

No. 2 Best Gift for Moms

If you’ve made it this far and you still aren’t convinced that this is really what Moms want for Christmas, there is just ONE more thing that I think could solve the problem for you. As a family photographer for 16 years, I can almost guarantee that any mom would LOVE a family photography session for Christmas. Gift Certificates make great Christmas Gifts and professional photos of a mama and her babies and the story of your family is completely priceless for the mom in your life. Storytelling photography is not only something that the Mom in your life would be grateful for, but your children would appreciate looking back on as well. It’s a gift of memories that they will cherish long after they are grown and something they can look forward to each year!

Again, the family photographer in me would choose the second option in a heartbeat if I had to choose, but the Mom in me would absolutely choose both! I hope you are having a fabulous holiday season and are finding it everything you hoped it would be! Lots of Love and Merry Christmas!!

Your friendly neighborhood Montrose storytelling photographer


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