What Is It That You Do All Day!?

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

You know those memes that you see all over Facebook that say things like, “this is what my mom thinks I do, this is what my clients think I do, but THIS is what I really do”. Well, this post is going to actually explain what a professional children’s photographer does from start to finish. At least what THIS professional children’s photographer does on a daily basis. So let’s get this ball rolling.


So you are looking for a children’s photographer. You’ve done your research and checked out the website, facebook page, and maybe instagram as well. What is your next step? Well, most of you will email and ask for more information about a session. Some of you may call, and if you do **FIST BUMP** because a lot of things like tone and body language get lost over email. So we will chat for a bit over the phone to get to know you and your family a little bit. But, I’m also still going to send you an email (or 4) about the CMP process and how I can help you and make your life less stressful. We talk about things like what to wear, the location, the best time for your schedule, what makes your kids laugh, etc.

The Photography Session

You decide to schedule your session and we get you and your kiddos on the calendar for your super exciting day to be supermodels! The day is a ton of fun! We go to your favorite place, where your kids feel completely comfortable. We run and play. We laugh and giggle. We snuggle. We tell secrets. We play games. We stay as long as it takes to get the best shots. The ones that will make you say, “they make that face when x happens” and “they have the best giggle and I never want to forget it”. All those moments will turn into the best memories for you and for them because they won’t remember the camera. They will remember that they were supermodels for an hour or two and they had so much fun!

Post Processing

After your session, Igo home and I upload all of your photos. Then I begin processing your images. The editing process can be very lengthy so that will be another episode of “What I REALLY Do All Day”. The short version of this editing can be described as culling (choosing the best of the best – i can’t very well give you 200 images and expect you to be able to choose favorites out of those easily), color correcting (making sure the color of the photo is spot on – there’s not a lot but sometimes it’s not perfect in camera), adding my special CMP touch, converting from RAW to JPEG, making social media files, etc. Once I get a few of my favorite images edited, I will post a sneak on social media. With that sneak, you are more than welcome to tag yourself, your SO, anyone that is in the photos, and share them to your page so your family and friends can see them, etc. This senior’s mom got me in action, lol!

Once your images are completely edited, you will have a Reveal Session (think ordering party!!). We will get together have snacks, view your images, and I’ll help you figure out is best for you and your family. Once your order is placed you can rest easy that you will have products that you love for generations!


These orders will be edited again to make sure everything is absolutely perfect before I send it off to the lab. If there is an album in the order I will design the album and send a proof for review before it is ordered. Once the order comes back from the lab, everything is packaged up in CMP’s signature materials and hand delivered to you, the client.


The Extras

While all of that is going on for one or multiple clients:
• I’m also answering emails/calls for other clients
• Writing blog posts (like this one) so that people can find me when they are looking for a children’s photographer
• Finding things to post on Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis to keep my social media presence up to date
• Working on special events for upcoming holidays
• Creating marketing materials for special events
• Working on partnerships to help foster healthy business practices
• Finding ways to serve my community with my business
• Finding content for my beginner’s photography class
• Scouting locations for fantastic session in case my clients need a suggestion

• Bookkeeping

• Finding quality products that will stand the test of time
• Lastly-running a home with my husband and taking care of our two boys because in the long run, they are the most important thing.

Those are just some of the things that are on the to-do list for this professional children’s photographer. These are the things that keep my business running and keep things exciting. While some days I feel like I’ve been staring at my computer for the entirety of the day, other days I’m out with clients, capturing memories that would have otherwise been forgotten. And that’s what it’s all about. Making memories and special moments in time with our families.


Your friendly neighborhood montrose children’s photographer,


Let me capture the story of you!