Western Slope Senior Portraits

Sep 1, 2021Photography, Seniors, teens

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose Colorado

Friends, let’s get serious for a bit. If you have something in your life that makes you happy, you should be doing that 100%. Right now the world can be kind of a scary place and we need to find our own little happy place. So for these Western Slope Senior Portraits, I was more than happy to go to two locations, just barely making the lighting that we wanted at the second because this young lady has found her happy.

On the Western Slope we are not limited on space. And as you can see, we like to take advantage. BUT it also comes with responsibility. If we are on trails in the mountains we need to stick to the trails, and wherever we are we need to “leave no trace”. Leave No Trace is an organization that protects the outdoors and teaches outdoor ethics so that we can continue to enjoy this beautiful place we have been given. To learn more about the organization, feel free to visit their site…https://lnt.org

Rachelle’s happy place was found in a field of tall grass (hay) with the sun still shining. The only people for miles around…just her and me and her family…and some cows. The cows were so curious. They watched from afar, and slowly got closer. It was the cutest thing…they were smitten with her.

candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-senior-portraits-3957 candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-senior-portraits-4084
candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-senior-portraits-4044 candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-senior-portraits-4035

And then…THEN we went to her horse…



I think he wanted treats but… he got nuzzles instead. He was a beauty and you could see how comfortable they were together.

candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-senior-portraits-4143 candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-senior-portraits-4097

Rachelle wants a career in animal rehabilitation and after watching her with these animals and seeing the way they interact with her, I think she will have a happy future career. She has a calming demeanor and the animals find it soothing.

I LOVED being a part of this special and meaningful story. These senior portraits will be a reminder of a place and time in her life and hopefully they will always be her happy place.

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  1. Jodi Major

    These Western Slope Senior Portraits are beautiful. Her horse was so cute in his appearance in her senior memories!

  2. Michelle Robertson

    I love that you talk about responsibility when using trails and other public spaces for senior pictures. Western Slope looks like a stunning location for senior portraits! The mountains are so pretty in the background too!

  3. Andrea

    Making photos for seniors about the things that matters most to them is special. Using Rachel’s happy place for Western Slope Senior portraits perfectly represents who she is. I’m sure she loves her seniors photos.


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