Want To Look Like You Have All Your Ducks In A Row…Here’s How

Jul 10, 2022Uncategorized

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose, CO

What to wear for your family photos…yep! We’ve all been there. In fact, my family just had our family photos taken last week so I know exactly what you are feeling ( i really did anyway, but still). So here’s the thing…most people make this a lot harder than it is. I’m going to break this down for you, so all you have to worry about is enjoying family time! That’s what this is all about…we had so much fun at our session and it really is about having fun and enjoying your time together.


Gone are the days of the matchy-matchy outfits. We want to coordinate and look put together but not be the exact same. And I, as a photographer in Montrose, CO get the joy of seeing SO many of you get this right time and time again! My clients do such a great job and I’m so lucky that I get to photograph your beautiful families!

  1. Think about your season! Each season has its own colors associated with it. Spring is more light and airy, while fall can be more cozy and warm.
  2. Make sure everyone is comfortable! Comfort level will show in the photos whether you are child or adult so be sure you can be relaxed and confident in what you are wearing.
  3. Choose your inspiration outfit, pattern, or color! This could be your outfit or one of your kids’ outfits. It could be a solid or have some big chunky stripes or a great pattern. Yes it’s true that solids look amazing but a big floral or stipe pattern here and there looks fantastic as well. Determine what accent colors work best to figure out your color pallet. The color pallet will then guide what you choose for everyone else to wear. Try to limit your patterns to one or two people in your group and each person can have a slightly different focal color as long as it’s in your color pallet.
  4. Accessorize your outfits. Consider adding hats, scarves, a statement necklace or bracelet, hair piece, or headband. Vests, belts, jackets, hats, suspenders, ties and bow ties also work great. All of these simple touches add just a little flair and visual interest.


Bonus Tip: Once you have all of your outfits, put each full outfit on ONE hanger (and don’t forget shoes)! Put it aside so you know you have everyone ready to go for your session.

Things to avoid:
*keep patterns to a minimum of 1 or 2 people per group unless you have a larger group
*avoid logos
*avoid see-through clothes
*make sure diapers are covered
*make sure bra straps will be covered and hidden (if they can’t or won’t stay tucked, wear a strapless)

For more information on color pallets you can view my free style guide: Family Style Guide

Hope this list helps coordinate your outfits for your session!

your friendly neighborhood family photographer, montrose co


  1. Jodi

    Wonderful tips to help us have all of our ducks in a row for our upcoming family session. Thanks for the Family Style Guide, as well. Super helpful family photographer

    • cmphotographyowner

      Thanks, Jodi! I’m a list kind of person so hopefully having a check list will help others!

  2. Brandi

    We are having our family pictures taken next week on vacation! The most stressful part is always figuring out what everyone needs to wear! Thanks for this great advice!

    • cmphotographyowner

      No problem…hope this helps! I realized that I should write this when I was putting our outfits together for our family photos!


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