Nov 17, 2020Holidays

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

The holidays often make us think of the things that we do as a family. Traditions that we start when our kids are young the we hope they will continue when they leave out home and start their own family. In our house, it’s birthday season! My boys are 2 years apart but their birthdays fall within a week of each other, so the excitement is palpable. And we have so much cake that by the time Christmas is over, I don’t want to think about sugar until…well until my birthday which is at the end of January, hahaha.

My point is that there are all kinds of traditions and we all celebrate in different ways. But if you are looking for some fun things to start with your family, these are just a few things that my family does and you are welcome to do them to.

We always decorate for fall before Halloween. We aren’t really “Halloween People”. We still go trick or treating and dress up in costumes but we decorate our home with fall decor that will last through Thanksgiving. Although, we do mix the seasons a bit because we do put up some of the Christmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving. We usually have some kind of birthday party for our boys that weekend so it’s a busy time of year but that’s what makes it so exciting. They love helping us decorate…I think they get it from their dad because if I’m being completely honest, he decorates the house better than I do.

Another must on the Fall to-do list is jumping in leaves. This has been one of their faves since they were itty bitty. And now they have neighbors to join in the fun. And when they are done, they grab some leaves and do leaf rubbings. You know, where you put the leaf under the paper and color on the paper. You see all the cool veins of the leaf. They look really pretty when done well.

For Thanksgiving we always have a big meal, even if it’s just us. I mean, who doesn’t love leftovers!? AND THEN…CHRISTMAS. The day after Thanksgiving all of Fall is put away and Christmas is everywhere. The whole house is decorated! We have a beautiful nativity that is set up, the boys have their own little tree they decorate, we have an advent train (they get little candies or treats everyday…and sometimes it’s an act of kindness that they go do for neighbors). We make cookies, and peppermint bark, and candy. We make gifts for teachers and friends. It’s a busy and fun season of sharing and learning to give and care for others as much as it is receiving the things that we want. And as busy and fast moving as these times are, I wouldn’t trade them for anything because these are the best times.

Christmas Eve they open gifts from aunts and uncles, and grandparents. And always open one from mom and dad. Pjs and a stuffie (or blankie) for the Christmas Story before bed.

These are the things you should love to do. Not stress about doing. So if there is something that is causing stress, let it go (as Elsa would say). It’s ok to break tradition sometimes too. This year is going to look different for all of us. But don’t worry too much about what you can’t do. Think about all the things you will get to do instead.

So if you are looking for some family traditions, let me know. We’ve got a few that I’d be happy to share with you.

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