The VanDerwalkers| Candace Miller Photography| Family Photography, Montrose, CO

Dec 4, 2019Children, Families, Family Portrait Session

You guys! I’ve been a family photographer for almost 17 years now and I’m SO excited to show these photos to you! I think every year it just gets better and better.

This sweet family was so much fun to photograph. The kids played so well together and were so sweet with each other. These are the days that we as parents always want to remember. The days when the kids are running and laughing. Making wonderful memories and remembering all the things that make childhood wonderful.

And though we may tired as parents, these sweet moments are what we live for. When we can relax and laugh with our kids. When we can simply be together as a family. We may be constantly second guessing ourselves, but in these moments that we are really IN the moment with our kids, we know that everything is right with the world.

Let’s all take more time to be in the moment with our kids. And be IN the photos with our children.


Your friendly neighborhood montrose family photographer,



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