The Forgotten Age Group


by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose and Telluride

Did you know that there is a forgotten age group among our children? I bet you didn’t. And now I bet you’re sitting there trying to figure out what the heck I’m talking about. Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that we, kid photographers, caught on to a long time ago. And no, it’s nothing intentional. It’s just happening and life goes on.


You see, as a professional kid photographer, I see tons of kids all the time. I see babies, toddlers, teenagers, siblings. I see families with their kids going through all kinds of phases and I LOVE seeing every one of them! I LOVE watching my clients grow! But the kids that I don’t see many of are TWEENS! They are the forgotten age group!! And i think we could argue that they are one of the most fragile and sensitive groups.



Tweens are still at an age where they like mom and dad (ok, maybe just a little bit), they love their friends but they still like spending time with their families, they are still learning about this new thing called puberty, and anyone of the opposite sex is still just a cool friend….maaaaybeeee, they think…ummm, kind of. I’ve heard and read all the stories on the news and facebook about kids starting all the adult stuff WAY early these days, but honestly, with all of my friends’ kids, what I just described to you is the way it is. They REALLY just want to fit in with all their friends. They want be accepted and liked. And they are about to start navigating through some harder stuff, especially since their brains will literally be rewiring themselves for the better part of a decade.

The Fix


All that to say, as parents we always remember the baby stages. We remember the toddler years and the little kid years. We get busy with the school age kids (believe me, I’m there!!) and then time starts to fly! And then they are high school seniors and out the door. But the age that we often forget to capture is the tween stage. The stage where they are in between the little kid that they are growing out of and the teenager that thinks they know everything, ha! The stage where they are still losing teeth and want to snuggle up with mom and dad on the weekends, but they think it’s so cool when they get to hang out with friends after school or have a sleepover too. The stage where they still need their parents just a little bit but are learning that it’s ok if they aren’t there ALL the time, because you have prepared them so well. This stage needs to be captured too! Because when we look back and think that time has gone way too fast, (and it DOES), we will want to see the Tween Stage as well. And when I say capture this stage, I mean this stage. Them. Not with siblings. Not with the whole family. Just them. Being themselves and doing something they love. You all know how much I love storytelling photography and this time is no different. Telling the story of your child and who they are as a person is so important. It shows them that they are valued. That you love who they are. It boosts their self-esteem like nothing else. Family photos and sibling photos add value to their life as well but think about what it tells them if you want photos of just them. How important they must be!

2018-12-30_0004.jpgSo let me say again, as a professional kid photographer, you will never regret taking the time to capture your kids in every stage of their lives. Capturing the moments and stories so that they can be retold and revisited for years to come will bring you and THEM so much joy! AND if it’s done the right way…they will love every minute of being a supermodel for the day. I would love to make your TWEEN feel special for a day.

Your friendly neighborhood tween photographer


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