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Apr 13, 2020Children, Seniors

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “The days are long, but the years are short.” It’s a saying I’ve heard many times over the years and almost always when I’m in the trenches of some kind of growing pains. Babies with late night feedings, teething, toddlers getting into everything possible, summer breaks when they are school aged kids, and now this. This coronavirus that’s taking over the world. Literally my only job right now is to take care of my babies and well, get them to do some school work, uugghhh! Why does it feel like every single day is a million hours long!? Doesn’t this saying ring so true!?

But I’m actually going to use it to my advantage today. Because while I’m actually (secretly) loving having free time with my kids. We would be running to soccer, lacrosse, or climbing practice about 5 nights a week right now and instead we get to have dinner at home and snuggles on the couch. I get to take my time putting them to bed instead of rushing to get them to brush their teeth. So I’m choosing to be thankful for the sweet moments that I get with them at home, because thinking about the moments when they will be gone from my home are coming all too fast. montrose-colorado-senior-photographer-candacemillerphotography-01

But another reason I’m going to use this phrase to my advantage is for this beautiful photography business of mine. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing amazing families and friends for the past 17 years and have loved every minute. And before you panic, NO, it’s not what you think!! I’m not closing up shop! But I’m making some changes! I’ve been doing some soul searching during this break and I’ve realized that there are some things that just make my heart the most happy! Children and Seniors are going to be my main focus. I’ve been capturing these moments for 17 years (which by the way, that phrase we’ve been using…it fits in perfectly here as well) and this is where I want to be. I want to be THE Child and Senior Photographer for my clients. So that’s what I’m going to do! I feel like I’ve lost my focus trying to go in so many different directions over the years and I’m going to reign that back in. Candace Miller Photography: a boutique style studio specializing in children and seniors. That’s me! That’s what I’m meant for.

You will start to see some changes to the website soon. It will be showcasing ONLY children and seniors. You will start to see more of the details coming together, and when we can be with people again, you better believe that I will be ready to take some amazing photos of those kids! I can’t wait and I’m so excited!



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