The Changing of a Mascot – Montrose Indians to Montrose Redhawks

Sep 12, 2022Photography, Seniors, teens

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

Over the last year, Montrose High School and several other schools Nation wide have had to go through a mascot change. The changing of a mascot is never easy. There were committees formed and votes made. Several after hours meetings were held. It is not something that the school district or community members took lightly…after all, the school mascot represents the town, the school, the community, and of course the students! It’s a big decision.

So while some are proudly sporting the NEW Montrose Redhawks design, others are still clinging to tradition…the Montrose Indians. That will explain a little bit about why I I share some Seniors in Redhawks gear and some in Indians gear…even though we only have one high school.

So let’s say hello to William! William will be graduating in the Spring of 2023 and is on the Cross Country Team and the Rock Climbing Team at Montrose High School. He’s the youngest of 4 and yes he’s always the center of attention…not because he tries to be, but because he is 6’6″. When you are that tall, you just get a lot of extra attention. And I have to say, that even standing on my step ladder, I wasn’t that much taller than him (I’m only 5’2″) so he is more than a foot taller than me!


Our first stop was Montrose Rec Climbing Wall. I was amazed at how easy he made it look climbing the wall. I have climbed a few times and it is NOT as easy as he made it look. He did several runs on the wall and I caught him showing off his skills a little then we moved on to a different location outside.

candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-montrose-ouray-telluride-senior-pics-4 candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-montrose-ouray-telluride-senior-pics-5 candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-montrose-ouray-telluride-senior-pics-6

William loves being outside (hence the running and climbing). So we took our time walking around finding just the right spots with the best lighting.

candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-montrose-ouray-telluride-senior-pics-7 candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-montrose-ouray-telluride-senior-pics-8

And of course, we had to show off the Letterman Jacket. He wanted to keep the Indian patch on the back of his jacket and has several more patches to add before we do the cap and gown session this spring.

candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-montrose-ouray-telluride-senior-pics-10 candacemillerphotography-ridgway-olathe-montrose-ouray-telluride-senior-pics-9


William, it was so fun watching you climb and I can’t wait to see what the rest of your story! Thanks for spending some time with me!



  1. Michelle Robertson

    I love the idea of taking a senior guy to a rock climbing wall and I bet that made William love his senior portrait experience even more! He’s got a great smile!

  2. Jodi Major

    I didn’t even know rock climbing teams were a thing. It’s a great thing to be able to show both mascots and enjoy his sports in his senior year.

  3. Andrea

    Rock climbing is an amazing look for senior photos! I love that you worked with this graduate’s interests and created a unique set of photos about him that he must love!


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