Tips and Tricks for the Iphone 7

Let’s be honest, how many of you use your phone to photograph almost every part of your day to day life because it is SO much easier to just grab it and go? (Raises hand) Ok, I’m going to get REAL with you guys. Even though I’m a professional family photographer, it’s still hard for me to have my “real” camera with me at all times. I mean as much as I would love to have perfect, amazing photos of my kids at the Sand Dunes (with sand and water all in my camera) it’s just not practical all the time. So you know what I have done? I have learned how to use the camera on my phone and a lot of it’s great tricks to take GREAT photos of my kids and our daily life! And today I’m going to share everything I know with all of you!


Tips based on iPhone 7:

1. To focus your camera simply tap the screen in the spot that you want to focus on. A square will pop up on your screen where the photo is focused. Once the square shows up, this means that your focus is locked until you move it.

2. Phone photos are almost completely all in full focus. But I have found that if you tilt your phone and get closer to your subject, you can get a little bit of beautiful bokeh (the beautiful blur behind the subject in your photo) which will add great visual interest to your photos.alamosa-colorado-family-photographer-candace-miller-photography

3. Once the photo is focused on the correct point, you can lighten or darken this point. Do this by sliding your finger up or down. You should see a + or – sign next to the square. This will add or decrease the light hitting the focal point of your photo. This is known as your exposure for your photo. If you tap on a bright part of the photo, your phone will expose for that and darken down. If you tap on a darker part of the photo, your phone will expose for that area and brighten up a bit.

4. Don’t ever use the zoom on the phone camera. When you do, it will make your photo look completely grainy and pixelated. If you want to bring a part of your photo in closer, there is a crop option in the editing software.

5. Another thing that I don’t ever use on my phone is the flash. When using flash you want to make sure you have a way to soften it so that you don’t get harsh light and harsh shadows, and with the flash on the phone there isn’t a really easy way to do that. Even in low light, no flash is better than flash. But it’s tricky to photograph in low light right? Well, it can be but just make sure you stabilize your camera well and take your time.

6. You can use your volume buttons as the shutter button, not only the main shutter button. It comes in handy for selfies!

7. The FaceTime Camera has slightly less megapixels than the everyday camera. For that reason, anything that you want to print, you will want to use the everyday camera.

8. Children’s photography can be really fun with your phone camera. It’s easy to have on hand, take unique places, angles, and not be afraid too much of ruining expensive gear. But remember, to hold it like a camera because you are using it like a camera and not a phone for photos.



9. If you are having trouble finding great composition for your photos you can turn on a grid that looks like a tic-tac-toe screen. There is a rule called the “rule of thirds” when it comes to photography. This means that you divide your photo into thirds. This grid will help you do that. You can place your subject on one of those grid lines and it will give more visual interest to your photo. This is by no means an everyday, all day answer for every photo. Photography is meant to be open to the creative eye of the artist. This is just a suggestion of where to start. You can find the grid by going to your settings, photos and camera, grid, then just move the slider to on.

10. Don’t be afraid to play! Try different angles. Use lots of colors. Try different focal points. Use different exposures. The possibilities are endless and people will be wondering when you learned how to use a camera so well *wink*. Just tell them your friendly, neighborhood, southern Colorado, family photographer gave you a few tips.

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