Summer Bucket List: Kid’s Edition

Jun 23, 2021Children, Families, Parenting, Summer

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

During the summer, I don’t know about you, but our kids are a little bit ferrel. Staying up late, eating ALL THE TIME, playing all day with neighborhood kids. It’s great because in our neighborhood it’s basically, “check in for lunch and play until dinner.” Wherever the kids are, they eat and get popsicles all summer long. And we LOVE it! It’s totally the way summer should be! But there are a few things on the list that we try to do to make summers with kids special! We only get 18 summers, ya know.

Here is a list of summer bucket list ideas that we try to do a little bit of each year:

1. Kayaking and Rafting (SUP boarding could be added here too!)
2. Swimming at the local pool
3. Neighborhood parties
4. Parades
5. Cabin/Camping trips
6. Sleeping on the trampoline
7. Water balloons and water guns
8. Rock painting
9. Skate Park
10. Cooking lessons
11. Swimming Lessons
12. Reading (lots of reading!!)
13. Drive in Movies
14. Fishing
15. Date weekends (one on one time with each kiddo)
16. Visit somewhere we haven’t been (National Park, another state, another part of the state)
17. Movies and popcorn
18. Try a new art project – (paint pour this year)
19. Make Tie Dye shirts
20. Play dates
21. Play cards and board games
22. Dominate at Mario Kart – just kidding my 10 year old beats me already
23. slip n slides
24. sprinklers
25. snow cones and shaved ice
26. Eating outside
27. learning/doing new chores
28. sleepovers/sleepunders
29. Black Canyon exploring
30. Geocaching

And as a momtographer (yes, that’s what we’re called in some circles) keeping up with all these memories with my “big” camera is just about impossible (I mean I’m sure somebody could do it, but I can’t), my phone camera gets a really good work out over the summer! I’m so glad that they’ve come as far as they have and they are SO much better than they used to be. So yes, even professionals use their phones, BUT we use them like a camera when we are using it like a camera.

A few tips on getting better photos with your phone:

1. Use both hands like you’re holding a real camera! Shaky hands = blurry photos.
2. Don’t zoom, get closer! The zoom on the phone camera is crap. It will make your photos completely pixelated.
3. Turn on your grid so you can add more interest to your photo by the placement of your subject.
4. Don’t use your flash! Use natural light when at all possible.
5. Use your F-stop to adjust your depth of field! You will get that beautiful blurry background that you always wanted!
6. Pro-tip: Rules are meant to be broken so go break some rules and make up your own!

Go have fun with your kids and show me some photos to prove it! Mom’s get in the photos!!

Love ya, mean it!


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