Studio vs. On-Location Maternity Sessions

Feb 14, 2022Maternity, Moms, Parenting, Photography

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

On this beautiful day of LOVE, I want to share with you a maternity session that is pure fire! We have been spending a lot of time in the studio lately because it’s been pretty cold. AND when you have mommas that look this amazing why would we want any background distractions!? Sometimes the studio is the perfect space to capture all that you want…and here is why that may be the case.

  1. I can control the lighting. I don’t have to worry about the sun (or the clouds) to determine the look that I am going to get in your photos.
  2. I know my equipment and know how to use it.
    It’s a comfortable space with plenty of room to change, have hair and makeup done, have snacks and drinks, make any wardrobe changes that we need to make, etc. On-location we may end up changing in a car or a cramped space, it could be cold and uncomfortable, and most of that is out of my control.
  3. I have several background options to choose from in the studio that will make my client the center of focus. Outside backgrounds can be busy and distracting, and especially for maternity sessions where we want the focus to be specifically on the bump.
  4. We can still have fun and add texture to the background and photos in the studio…they don’t all have to be super serious.

Now, I’m not saying that on-location sessions is something that I won’t do, because I love natural light and I LOVE going outside as well. But for this time of year, on the western slope when everything is brown, I prefer the studio. Check back with me during the Spring when everything is blooming and beautiful outside and you will find me outside every chance I get! Then I will give you another checklist of why I want to be outside instead of in the studio, hahahaha!

For now, let’s take a look at Ashlee’s session. Her baby is due today…on Valentine’s Day, so wish her well and send her love.

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candacemillerphotography-maternityphotos-westernslope-colorado--7 candacemillerphotography-maternityphotos-westernslope-colorado--5
candacemillerphotography-maternityphotos-westernslope-colorado--3 candacemillerphotography-maternityphotos-westernslope-colorado--9 candacemillerphotography-maternityphotos-westernslope-colorado--4

your friendly neighborhood montrose maternity portrait photographer,


  1. Deborah A.

    These are gorgeous Candace! Lighting is perfection on your client and oh la la, that white lace dress is stunning!

    • cmphotographyowner

      Thanks so much! She was so fun to photograph!

  2. Brandi

    I love these indoor maternity photos! That white lace dress is gorgeous!


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