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Jan 25, 2022Maternity, Moms, Parenting, Photography

By Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

Maternity photography really hasn’t been around all that long. And while some people are totally on board with it, others still would rather keep the camera away. However, I’m here to change your mind and hope that you will consider giving maternity photography a chance!

When done well, maternity photography can be a beautiful thing and make the momma-to-be feel glamorous and like the queen that she truly is! During my maternity sessions, my momma-to-be is pampered and loved on. Anything she needs is taken care of. We do her hair and her makeup for her. We have a style closet so that she can choose the dress that she would like to wear or if she would like, I can help her choose the best dress. We have snacks and drinks for her while she is getting ready! It really is a day to pamper this momma and make her feel extra special…because we all know that when baby is born, that self care goes right out the window! It shouldn’t, but it usually does.

So, if you are wondering what studio maternity sessions might look like…take a look at this session. I like to have mommas between 30-36 weeks pregnant so we can see that baby bump really well! It will be private, no one else will be in the studio (except the hair/makeup stylist and someone you might bring with you). We will have some good music on and we will be all about that momma! If she wants relaxed, we go relaxed. If she wants fun, we go fun! But no matter what mood she is in…these photos are going to be phenomenal!

candacemillerphotography-montroseco-maternityphotos- 2

For Sarah, we chose a fitted Boho style, velvety blue dress. It made her eyes pop and her skin is glowing! We kept to easy movements that brought out the best in her and made her feel comfortable and confident…although we did laugh at some of the things we were having to do! But laughter is never a bad thing at a photoshoot!

candacemillerphotography-montroseco-maternityphotos--3 candacemillerphotography-montroseco-maternityphotos-6940 candacemillerphotography-montroseco-maternityphotos--4

I hope you love this session and if you are ready to schedule your Maternity session… contact me!  I would love to make you feel just as gorgeous! 😘

your friendly neighborhood montrose maternity photographer,


  1. Jodi Major

    What beautiful maternity images for this gorgeous mama to be. She looks really familiar to me. I love her blur dress!

    • cmphotographyowner

      That’s so funny! Maybe you have met…she is a farm girl here in Colorado.

  2. Michelle Robertson

    Candace, I love your maternity photography! These studio portraits are beautiful! I really love that you let mom set the mood so that she feel comfortable and confident.

    • cmphotographyowner

      Thanks Michelle! My only goal is to make these moms feel beautiful and confident. Hopefully that is what they see when they look at these photos.

  3. Brandi Price

    I absolutely love maternity photos! I really regret not having any of me done when I was pregnant with my boys! I’m sure this mama to be will treasure these beautiful images!

    • cmphotographyowner

      When I was pregnant with my boys, maternity photos weren’t really a “thing” yet. At least, not in the way they are now. I did some of my own but I’m so glad that I am able to capture these moments for these beautiful ladies.

  4. Kelleen Hite

    Maternity photos are a must! It’s such a memorable part of your child’ life, because its just before a huge change in family dynamics! These are stunning and the perfect way to remember this time in a new momma’s life!

    • cmphotographyowner

      I totally agree, Kelleen! Thanks so much for your comment!


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