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Have you ever heard the song “Lost Boy” by Ruth B? I LOVE this song. And the whole storyline of Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, and Tinker Belle is such a fun and whimsical story. Can you imagine being able to fly to your own little island that’s covered in lush, green forest? It’s surrounded by beautiful oceans with all of your best friends there to play with and keep you company. Not a care in the world! AND you never age! That’s the best part!! Can you imagine it?

Maybe it’s because I have boys (and it makes me think about the Lost Boys), but I think about this little story often. How I don’t want them to grow up. I want them to stay little forever and live in their very own Neverland. Seeing their eyes light up and listening to their adventures that they take when we are in the mountains makes me realize they do, in fact, have their own Neverland. They create it every time they are “fighting off the bears” or “climbing to the highest peak to save the princess”. Their Neverland is in the mountains by a river so it’s a little different than the one in the story, but that’s ok. It’s still evergreen and there is a beautiful river running through it. When they are there, they can be knights in shining armor, explorers, astronauts, and anything else they can imagine. And when they are there they can fly, or drive, or travel through space. AND they never age! And that, my friends, is the best part!IMG_0059 copypeaceman.jpg

As adults, we often forget how to pretend. We lose our innocence because we have seen too much stuff. Lived too much life. Or just get too busy. It’s easy to get bogged down with life and forget all about what we once loved to do or things that we would love to try again but just can’t make the time. We have to be responsible. But where is the fun in all that!? As the saying goes, “All work and no play…” right? But in all seriousness, there has to be some time for whimsy.

So how do we make the time for whimsy? Maybe we have to learn to say “No”. Maybe we take a couple of things OFF our calendar to give us one free night with our kids at home. Or maybe, and this one is a hard one (I’m talking to myself here as well) maybe we put down our electronic devices and take some time off from social media, and take time off from screen time. If you can do all of those, my hat’s off to you, my friend.

These kids of ours are special little people! I know that I need to be better at losing myself in the imaginary world with them. I want to spend some time in Neverland. Maybe if I ask nicely they will take me with them every once in a while.
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“Neverland, I love you so. You are now my home sweet home. Forever a lost boy at last.” ~ “Lost Boy” Ruth B.

Do you have your own Neverland? What’s it like? Can you tell me about it and can I visit?


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