Solving the Problem of Photo Anxiety

Apr 28, 2021Children, Families, Moms, Photography, Seniors, teens, Tweens

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

When people hear that I’m a professional photographer they act one of 2 ways. They either tell me everything about all their cameras and everyone they ever knew that has ever owned a camera has taken photos OR they run and hide. And while just about everyone today claims to be a photographer because “all you have to do is push that little button” (i promise you it’s more complicated and anyone that has taken my photo class can tell you that), today we are going to talk about that second scenario…the one where they run and hide. Because as my sons’ lacrosse coach recently told me, at the root of everyone’s anxiety is FEAR. Fear of being injured (in his case) or fear of being embarrassed (in my case).

So what makes taking photos so scary!?

Well, we’ve all had those photos that we never want anyone else to see. We’ve all seen ourselves at our worst. We are our worst critics and we live in a very judging world. So naturally when there is going to be documentation of us, our lives, or otherwise, we want it to be beautiful. We have that fear of embarrassment that I talked about earlier. “Am I going to look stupid, fat, ugly, dorky? Are people going to make fun of me?”

Photo Anxiety Relief

The good news is that I am going to make you look your absolute BEST! That should be the goal of every photographer, right!? So how will I do that??

1. I have over 18 years experience as a professional photographer so we will work through poses together, they are not one size fits all. I have a very laid back and easy posing style that looks natural and effortless.
2. If we are trying to get a specific pose, I will show it to you myself first and have you mimic me. Clients always do it better than me after seeing what it looks like…always.
3. I will follow your natural cues. This captures your personality and true beauty better than any pose than I could ever offer you.
4. We will take our time. We will not rush through poses as though on a time limit. Finding poses that make you feel comfortable and confident will make you stand out!
5. Music can be our best friend. Adding a little music to the session can make you relax and feel like you are hanging out with friends (which I hope we are by the end of the day).
6. We will discuss any concerns, stress points, and expectations that you have before your session so I am aware of all of those well before hand. There are tricks to avoid problem areas and if anything causes anxiety I can be aware.

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I hope that you think again before running away the next time someone pulls out their camera…or at least the next time I do! We can do this TOGETHER!

your friendly neighborhood montrose professional photographer,


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