The Photo Shoot:

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering what a session with Candace Miller Photography, in Montrose, CO is like. Well, let me tell you a little bit and if you want to know more, hit that contact button below.

My preference is almost always outside, on-location, BUT I can do inside as well. The session will last 1-2 hours, as that’s usually the longest that most people can handle having someone in their face with a camera telling them how to stand and how to move,no matter how easy the session goes (especially children-with them I have to be really quick and just go with it). Our time together will be relaxed, fun, and happy-go-lucky. We will be focused on emotions, interactions, and capturing the best of you and yours.

The Reveal Session:

After we have our fun and your memories are captured, your Reveal Session will be scheduled. This is our ording PARTY! You are free to invite friends and family to view your photos with you, because this is the only time your images will be put in a slideshow and set to music. We will have a special treat and I will bring sample products that I offer to help you figure out what you love the most and what will best work for you and your family.

 It is often said that a photo can speak a thousand words. And I do my best to make your photos tell the whole story.

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