As a photographer one of our greatest honors is to be recognized publicly for our work.
Here is a list where you can see some of my work published or recognized.
Being published in Senior Muse, The Photograp.her Magazine, Wayfinder Magazine, The Senior Year Magazine, and others have been highlights of my career and I am so grateful.

The Photograp.her Magazine

Being a female entrepreneur has it’s challenges. As a mom of 2 boys I’m always second guessing myself and trying to figure out the work/home life balance. I love that this magazine, The Photograp.her, celebrates women that work like crazy to provide for their families, do good work, and is constantly encouraging other lady bosses!

Senior Muse

I’m so grateful to be a part of the Senior Muse Community!
It’s a group of Senior Photographers cheering each other on and our clients get the recognition they deserve for being the rock star models that they are.
Wanna be published? Schedule your session and we’ll see what we can do! There are no guarantees but we’ll do our best!

Infinity Photography Magazine

Infinity Photography Magazine features photographers from all over the world and it’s an incredible honor to be among them. I love being able to dote on my clients in this way.

Senior Year Magazine

Senior Year Magazine is a magazine that features only senior and teen photos from photographers world wide. It’s a great honor to be among those published in the beautiful magazine.
Specializing in children, teens, and seniors means that is where my passion lies and it is absolutely a work of heart.

Shoot and Share Contest

This  photo was entered into the Shoot and Share Contest with hundreds and thousands of other photographers around the world and made it into the top 20% of photos. To even make it to the top 20% is a huge honor.

Shoot and Share Contest

I not only love portraits, but capturing the emotion and feeling that happen during those photos really brings the story to life. Photographic storytelling is an art form all in its own. This photo was also entered in the Shoot and Share Contest and made it into the top 30% of photos. It’s such an honor.