referral program.jpgHave you ever loved something so much that you really want to tell all your friends about it? I do this all the time! If I find a favorite food product, a favorite hair salon, a favorite restaurant, a favorite skin care (more on that one later)…children’s products, pet products, kitchen gadgets. I could go on and on about what I talk about and what and who I will send my friends to! But at the same time, there is a lot that goes into the things and people that I will refer my friends to.

First, they have to have quality. I’m not going to send my friends to a place that I don’t consider a quality place. I will send them to a place that I think does great work and offers great products and services. Everyone has a different standard of quality so that can sway my friends’ judgment but usually if they are asking me, they trust my judgment. Next, they have to be honest and friendly. Honesty is always going to get you somewhere with me, even if it’s not exactly what I want to hear. And being friendly is the best way to be. How can you run a business and expect to have return clients if you are rude? These two always go hand in hand for me. I’ve had some people tell me that business is not personal. Well I’ve been in the photography business for almost 14 years and my business is very personal. I’m not sure how other people run their business if they don’t make it personal. And honestly, those businesses that aren’t personal are the businesses that I avoid. You can be friendly with competition and still run a business. You can be ethical and still run a business. These are things that are important to me when I’m looking to refer my friends to businesses and products.

All that being said, I strive to make my business a business that you would want to refer your friends to! Photography is my passion and I love making people smile and capturing the moments that tell your stories. I run my business the way I would want to be treated when I go into another business, ONLY BETTER! I LOVE my clients and often show it. Now it’s about to get even better!

Candace Miller Photography is now opening up a NEW REFERRAL PROGRAM!! If anyone sends me a referral *that books a session* the referring family or person will receive $100 credit toward their order! AND the the referred family will receive $50 credit toward their order! It’s a win/win!! There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer and receive a credit for. So the more people you refer, the higher the order credit you will receive! So if you know of anyone looking for a Family Photographer, work on your referrals! It’s a win for both families!


What are some things that you look for when you are referring friends to businesses or products? What are some of your favorite products?



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