Peak Academy Senior

Dec 8, 2021Seniors, teens

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, this season I’ve shot several senior guys and I’m totally here for it! These senior guys have had different plans for the future, different personalities, and we’ve done different things with each session.

This is Cosmo and his session was so much fun! He is wanting to be a composer/writer after high school and you can see from his photos that he made it look cool. From the long coat, the scarf, to the shoes…he was a well styled, confident, and “composed” (see what I did there) young man.

Some people speak through talking. Others speak well through words on a page or through music and that, I think, is what Cosmo is more about. He was a quiet and reserved type of guy, but we had fun getting different looks for him, just by changing the angle.

candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-1 candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-6 candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-3

Because we stayed close to town, we were able to do more than one location (which is always super fun) so we did some downtown Montrose alley shots and these are some of my absolute favorites! His eyes really draw you in to the images in these photos.

candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-14 candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-15 candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-17

And lastly, we went into the studio and mom had brought her old school typewriter as a prop for him since he loves writing. For those that love to write, it can be a calming and a way to clear your head. And I hope that is what it is for Cosmo.

candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-18 candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-21 candacemillerphotography_peakacademysenior_montrosecolorado_-19

Good luck with your next chapter, Cosmo! I can’t wait to see/hear what you come up with.

your friendly neighborhood montrose peak academy senior photographer,


  1. Andrea

    A combination of outdoor and studio photography is a great way to add variety and complete a senior photo session. And to add the sentiment and keepsake value to Mom’s school typewriter is classic!

  2. Brandi

    You are killing it with these Senior Guy Photo Shoots this fall! I love the variety you captured with Cosmo.

  3. Michelle Robertson

    Such beautiful outdoor senior portraits for this senior guy! You nailed it…senior pictures for guys don’t have to be complicated. Just changing angles can bring a totally different look! I love that you included his mom’s typewriter too!

  4. Jodi Major

    I love this Peak Academy Senior’s images and especially his scarves! So stylish. I bet these outdoor senior pictures were a great time for both of you!


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