“Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings”



I love to do a favorite things post around Christmas time! So this is my annual FAVORITE THINGS BLOG!!! It will not only tell you a little more about me as a mom and a photographer, but it just may give you some gift ideas or make your life a little easier. So here we go! *these are in no particular order*

1. Create 365 The Happy Planner – This is the day planner that I use and I LOVE it. It is re-usable so you can buy re-fill pages and stickers for every year. It’s a pretty cool planner. 365 Happy Planner

2. L’ange 32mm curling wand – This curling wand has totally changed my world! I have super thick, long hair (not complaining, my hair is one of my best qualities). But because of that, it has never held curl and has always taken for.ev.er. That is until I found this wand! It takes half the time to curl and the curl will last all day and if I sleep with it pulled up in a scrunchy (yep, old school!) the curl will last another day!! I’m amazed!! L’ange 32mm Curling Wand

3. Smartwool Socks – Glorious smart wool socks! These are the best socks I’ve ever worn! They don’t lose their shape and they are totally moisture wicking. They have the best cushion support for every need whether it be running, skiing, or just everyday…I should be an ad, ha! Smartwool Socks!! (you can get these at other locations as well)

4. LulaRoe – This clothing line is made to be stylish and comfortable. The leggings are so soft but they have more than leggings. There are dresses, shirts, skirts; styles for hearts desire. LulaRoe by Michelle Vannoy


5. Philosophy Just Release Me Eye Makeup Remover – This is the only eye makeup remover that I have found that I actually like. It takes off my waterproof mascara without hurting my eyes and doesn’t leave my eyes all blurry so that I can’t see after I use it. Eye Makeup Remover


6. Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara – I have oily eyelashes (or so I have been told before) so mascara doesn’t stay on my lashes. All the other mascaras that I have tried make me look like a raccoon, but this one definitely stays put! Mascara!



7. Organic Bloom Frames – I fell in love with these frames the day that I saw them and have been making my clients happy with them ever since! If I had enough walls, these frames would be all over my house! You can get these little babies through your’s truly.

9. Glass measuring bowl – I use this bowl for everything! Measuring Bowl


10. Pampered Chef can opener – this is by far the best can opener I’ve ever had. It’s manual but the can doesn’t have sharp edges when it’s opened and it’s so simpleCan Opener


your friendly neighborhood southern co portrait photographer,