The Miller Family


Meet the Millers! I met Kalee when our kids were going to preschool together. Her little boy, Shay, was always so quiet and so super shy…and sweet. Her daughter, Anna, was about as opposite as you can get. From the moment I walked into their home, this little girl did not stop asking questions about the session and my equipment. She was complimenting my makeup, my jewelry, my clothes. This little girl was incredibly adorable. And the baby! He was so chill and just rolled with the session.


All the Feels

Once we finally got into the session, I felt like I was hanging out with best friends and their kids…like we had known each other forever. The kids were SO comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. And as a lifestyle photographer, one of the best feelings you can get is when your clients are completely themselves with you. It made the session flow together seamlessly! The bond that these kids and parents have is so sweet and you can see all the playfulness and emotional relationship that they have.






And can we just take a moment to look at this amazing mom!? She is so beautiful and she is handling this mom of 3 gig with ease! She also has this wonderfully, supportive husband who completely adores her. You can just see it in the way he looks at her. The whole session was about her and the baby in his eyes.







After we had taken all the of the photos of the family together, little Anna could hardly wait for her turn with the baby! She is completely smitten over this little guy! If Keagan needs anything, she will get it for him. She holds him like she is a little momma. This little man will never feel unloved. He will be showered with hugs and kisses his whole little life! AND amazing cuddles with big brother. Shay may end up being the strong, quiet type but he knows how to snuggle his baby.



Finally He Sleeps

By the end of the session, little Keagan was completely exhausted! He was the one that called the shots during this session so when he was done, we were done (although, he was pretty adorable when he was sleeping…so I snapped a few shots).




Being a lifestyle photographer really is so invaluable to me! I get the chance to be a part of your story. YOUR story. Making your family’s  memories into beautiful works of art that you can enjoy for years is my passion. Seeing my client’s reactions when they receive their orders, is one of the things that makes me the happiest!


I hope you love these photos as much as I do Miller Family! You all made my job so much fun and so easy! Love and hugs to you all!



Your friendly neighborhood lifestyle photographer,




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