Milk and Cookies Petite Sessions

Mini Sessions
by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

I realize that it’s not even Halloween yet, but in the photography world getting a jump on holiday sessions is just part of the fun! It also allows me to make sure all the products are received in time for Christmas!

Mini Sessions

Without further ado, today I’m introducing my Christmas Petite Sessions!! These sessions couldn’t be cuter with a bit of whimsy and rustic flair. Drawing from my experience with my own children who LOVE playing pretend and playing in any kind of tent or teepee, we turned it into a child’s Christmas playland. Twinkling lights, snow on the ground, cozy pillows, their favorite Christmas stories, and of course cookies…what child wouldn’t want to play here!?

So what is a Petite Milk and Cookies Session exactly? That’s a great question and here are the main things to know!

  •  20 minutes
  • children only
  • located at Maggie’s Book on Main St., Montrose
  • Nov. 4th


This year I have partnered with two super fun local businesses to pull this event together. A HUGE thank you to Maggie’s Books and Sugar Shack Treats for teaming up with me to make this event happen! We look forward to bringing you more events throughout the year!

Another fun thing that will be making these Petite Sessions special is donations to a local charity! Montrose Kids Aid is a ministry that was started in February 2009. This ministry provides children in our community with food and works directly with the schools. 10% of each session scheduled will be donated directly to Montrose Kids Aid! This year Montrose Kids Aid is serving 200 students and they expect that number to rise weekly. 

How do you sign up!? Where do you find out more information!?

Follow This Link For Milk and Cookies Petite Session Info!!


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