Memories As Art

Nov 17, 2020Decorating

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

Have you ever been to someone’s home and you just love it from the moment you walk in? The colors, the feel, the scents, even the art on the walls. Everything about the home makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, right? If you are one of those people that feels things when you see colors or smells scents, you are my people.

I get really excited when I start talking about things I really love so bare with me on this post. This post is all about how to transform your beautiful memories into works of art for your home! It’s one of my most favorite things to do, when I photograph a teen or children. Take those moments frozen in time and turn them to artwork for your walls. If you have spent all your time and energy decorating your home just the way you love it, what else would fit so beautifully on your wall!?

First, my favorite thing to do is come up with a framed print wall gallery. I LOVE my frames. Canvases just don’t make the photos pop like a frame can. And when you see your photo in a frame it is completely the focal point of any room. You can choose from several sizes and styles to go with almost any decor, and they can liven up any bare wall. I have a couple of examples to show you! This software allows me to even show what the photos would look like in your own home! This would give the size reference you would need to fill your space before you decided what the best fit would be.


Another favorite is the beautiful heritage wood prints! They come in several different sizes as well, and all of them come with a protective coating so they will not fade. They also come in clusters. If you have a large wall space that you are wanting to fill, this would make a great gallery wall option because the sizes are pre-determined and would fill up the wall nicely.

Decorating with your own memories reminds you to love the life you’ve built for yourself and your loved ones. Take the time to experience each day and remember why we are here. Family and friends are the important things in life. People are the important things. Be in the moments because they happen so fast. Time doesn’t slow down and the only way to make it stop in to photograph it.


Ps. If you aren’t sure what a Heritage Wood Print is, here is an example of one that I have of my own kids. 



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