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Jul 29, 2021Children, Newborns

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

Sometimes people are called “baby whisperers”…and sometimes they are not. I have learned a lot about kids and babies over the years and one thing that I know now is that babies have a “cluster feeding” stage at about 10-12 days old. So if you are trying to get newborn photos, these are days you will want to avoid because on these days, they will most likely be fussy and NON STOP FEEDING. You will also want to find the style of newborn photography that you love. Most often you see the “wrapped and posed” style for newborns. However, my preferred style for newborns is “lifestyle” newborn photography.

With this style, we can still swaddle your baby but the majority of the poses we do are going to be natural. We will use a few props but not many. These sessions usually take place in your home (we can do them in studio if you prefer) and are usually more intimate and more of telling the story of how your newborn fits perfectly into your family.

With your lifestyle newborn session, we will most likely use mom and dad’s bed or another larger bed to snuggle up with baby, a rocker or glider or special chair where you sit with baby, baby’s nursery/crib, and any room in your home that has great light where you want to show your new routine with the new love of your life.

Adding this new member to your family is a reason to celebrate and we did just that with this little angel! He loved being photographed and let me play with him, hold him, wrap him, and put him where ever I needed him without ever a fuss. If all the babies were like this one, I would specialize in newborns only…forever. He was such a doll and so much fun to get my baby fix. Except now, I really want to shoot some more babies!! So bring me all the babies!! I can’t wait to get some more snuggles.

your friendly neighborhood lifestyle newborn photographer,


  1. Michelle Robertson

    Candice, you are a very talented newborn photographer! I love the lifestyle newborn portraits because they focus much more on the baby! Absolutely adorable!!

    • cmphotographyowner

      Thanks so much, Michelle! This baby was just an angel ❤️

  2. Brandi

    Lifestyle newborn photography is my favorite! Beautiful photos!

    • cmphotographyowner

      Thank you! It’s definitely high on my list as well!


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