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Apr 5, 2020Families, Learn New Things, Thankful

by Candace Miller Photography Montrose, CO

My last blog post was geared toward things that can keep kids busy at home. But today, I’m going to help all of you busy body adults! As a professional portrait photographer, that has worked from my home for years, this is nothing new for me. Add in 2 kids and a husband with a wonky schedule and it gets a little crazy! The kids are usually at school, the husband’s hours are usually more normal, and I usually have some peace and quiet (or some tunes) while I’m working away and in my zone! So this is FAR from my normal “work from home” environment.

All that being said, I’m actually enjoying having my family home (after the first week or so 😂). Once the boys understood that this was not something that we had any control over, and they really can make the best of it with their mindset things got much, much better. So here are some things for us adults to do when we have a little more free time!

  1. Learn to take better photos. This one is always at the top of my list, and if you haven’t checked out my Facebook page (Camera:101) you should! I gave a free mini workshop with a downloadable workbook on tips that will work with any camera…even smartphones!
  2. Learn to knit/crochet/sew. There are so many tutorials online that are SO helpful! And when the boys graduate high school I will have a beautiful blanket that I started in September! 🤣
  3. Learn to play an instrument. Again, there are tons of resources out there for tutorials. This is not one that I personally do. Although I do have a “adult beginner’s guide to piano” that I was trying out. I haven’t made it very far. I bought the book when my boys were taking piano lessons and we just haven’t gotten back to it. Who knows, maybe now is the time!​
  4. Learn a new language. Yes, yes. I know! We all took our high school language classes. But how much do you really remember!? There are apps that you can download for your phone! SO SIMPLE! DuoLingo is a great one!
  5. Learn to draw. If you already know how to draw (yay!!), if you are more like me I stick to sites like the Art for Kids Hub. Art For Kids Hub It’s for kids but I’ve learned to draw a lot of different things! Hahaha!
  6. Learn to organize and declutter. Marie Kondo that shit! But for realz, I need to do this.
  7. Learn to cook/bake.
  8. Learn your favorite fitness routine.
  9. Learn to dance.
  10. Learn first aid/CPR. This is one that I think everyone should know. You can take an online class through the Red Cross Online First Aid/CPR Classes
  11. Learn to write. I didn’t really realize it when I was in school but writing is actually my preferred method of communication. I wouldn’t say that I’m an amazing writer and I don’t do short stories or anything like that, but maybe more like journaling? I don’t know but I just like being able to write my thoughts instead of having to say them out loud. Maybe that would be something that interests you as well.
  12. Self-care. Learn what your body needs to rest and relax. It’s ok to take a little bit of a break right now. Give yourself and your family grace during this time. We are all a little more stressed and we are all looking for answers and waiting for this terrible virus to go away. So, figure out what you need to take care of yourself, whether it means a long walk, or exercising. It could mean staying in bed and having your favorite beverage with the tv on. It could also mean finding your favorite skin care products, giving yourself an at home facial, doing your nails, and creating a little spa day/night for yourself. Whatever that looks like for you, make it a priority.

We are all in this together and we want to come out of it better than we went into it when we get to the other side. So let’s stay positive. Let’s keep our minds focused on the things that we can change and do the good work!

“When you focus on the good, the good increases.” So let’s be thankful that we get to spend this time in the safety of our homes. And be thankful that we have people fighting the battle for us. And be thankful that we get the extra family time, because those kids of ours…they grow so fast.

Much love,



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