I’ve been in this professional photography business for the last 14 years. With that comes some growth. When I started out, I had worked in a couple of different studios and started mainly shooting weddings. Now I must say, weddings are beautiful. They are heartfelt and emotional. But they are so incredibly stressful for me as the photographer. You only get one chance at weddings and if you miss something, you miss it. So when I wasn’t shooting a wedding, I was also building my portfolio for families, children, and seniors. As I was doing these other things, I realized that I actually didn’t love weddings as much as I loved everything else. So while I still did the occasional wedding, I moved my focus more toward families and children.

When I was starting out, my main clients were friends and family. I would practice and practice and they were my guinea pigs. I would read everything and watch videos and assist as much as I could to learn my technique. I would find as many conferences as I could afford to go to and learn as many new things that I possibly could. These are things that taught me invaluable lessons in the photography world.

Ok, now for some of the photos to show you how far I’ve come:

These are some photos of when I was just starting out. My friends have all loved their photos and have all been very pleased. This was a friend that gave me permission to use her photos and reminded me that her son in these photos is now 12 years old. But as time goes on, practice makes perfect. While I am by no means perfect, I strive for that and will always strive to better myself and my work.


Compare that to my more recent work:





You should be able to tell that there is a pretty significant difference. It takes a lot of time and work to figure out what your specific photographic style is because everyone has their own. I think I have finally figured out what mine is…after 14 years and I’m so ready to stick with it. I’m not saying that I won’t try new things and I won’t push myself but when people see Candace Miller Photography, they will know what they will get. Whereas before, there was sometimes a question there. Do you see the difference? I do and I’m so excited that this is who I am now!! Relaxed, relational, and fun with a clean, classic editing style that has a pop of color!


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