Henderson Family’s Newest Addition

Baby Mary

Whenever there is something new happening kids react in so many different ways. We as parents try to prepare our children for upcoming events, like getting a new sibling, but we just never know exactly how they will take it. Especially if they are really small when they are getting their siblings, there is a lot to understand and we can only explain so much. I have had the pleasure of photographing the Henderson Family with their newest addition, and their son’s reaction to her is just adorable. I’m so thankful that I was able to be a part of preserving this story.


What’s It All About!?

As a Newborn Lifestyle Photographer, I go to my client’s home and we get comfy on the bed or couch with the kids and the new baby. We do family photos, photos with just the kids, just the baby, and everything is very comfortable, relaxed, and we take our time. If baby needs to stop and eat, we stop and eat. We go with the flow and make sure that everyone has a good time. But all in all, it’s about you! Your story is what it’s all about!


Play Time!

With this particular family, big brother could not have been any cuter! He was a total ham in front of the camera, but I’m kind of a sucker for little boys with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was bouncing all of over the bed, giving hugs and kisses, flashing those baby blues (he’s sure to be a heartbreaker one day mom and dad!), and doing everything just right!


At one point I was trying to get mom and dad alone was new baby sister and brother pops up and surprised everyone and of course the giggles ensued! What an adorable family!


¬†Preserving these special moments for this sweet family means the world to me and I’m honored to have had the privilege. This is what makes me happy to do my job!


These are the moments, that make my job as a Newborn Lifestyle Photographer all worth it. Watching this little guy become a big brother and learn what is new role is priceless. He was also just pretty cute in front of the camera.


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