Mar 5, 2021Seniors, teens

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO
March 5, 2021

I am so excited to finally share this Senior Session with you all! It was a huge honor to capture this time in this young man’s life, first of all, because his mom is a friend of mine. Second, because they drove about 7 hours round trip and stayed the night in a hotel just to have me do his Senior photos!! And last but not least, Haden is such a charismatic, talented, smart, and fun loving young man…we had a blast!

One Of His Many Talents…Skating


First stop…the skate park in Montrose! One of Haden’s favorite things to do is skate, so naturally we started off the session here. He was able to show off some of his skills and he didn’t have to worry about posing right away. He likes the moves that “give us moms a heart attack” as his mom put it so eloquently and she was not wrong, but they make for great photos! The best part at this location was an interaction between some other local kids. I had apologized for getting in the way, as we were trying to be as polite as possible and not take up the entire skate park. So they were chatting with Haden asking him who he was and what was going on. Haden told them we were doing his Senior Portraits and their response was, “Oh man! We thought you were somebody famous!” So just call me paparazzi, hahaha! And one of these days, who knows…these may be some of the few photos of that famous guy, that everybody knows, when he was just a kid about to graduate high school.


A Boy And His Guitar

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I told you he was talented! I wish you could hear him play through the photos but for now, the photos will just have to be enough. There is no doubt in my mind that this one, right here is going to do great things. All this creativity just comes leaping out of him and I’m sure he will put it to good use when he moves on to college. Music will always be a calm in the storm and he can take it wherever he goes.


A Montrose Tour

This was the type of session I absolutely LOVE (and I hope they enjoyed it too)! Everywhere we went we found another amazing spot, he was on board with all of it! We basically did a tour of Montrose, again they were from out of town so we hit up all the fun spots and then some spots that I even got to see in a new way! THIS is what Senior photography is supposed to be like! Photos that show personality. Photos that bring out the BEST. Because to be honest, the weather on this day was pretty bad. Thankfully the down pour held off til we were finished, but it was raining on and off all day, a little bit of snow so it was pretty cold. The sun did come out a little, which saved us.

candacemillerphotography-montroseco-seniorphotographer-30 candacemillerphotography-montroseco-seniorphotographer-31 candacemillerphotography-montroseco-seniorphotographer-29 candacemillerphotography-montroseco-seniorphotographer-29 candacemillerphotography-montroseco-seniorphotographer-28

In the end, I am in love with the way this session turned out and I know that this is something they will remember forever. Being able to take one more trip together, just the two of them, mother and son, is something I need to add to my bucket list before my own kids graduate. Thanks for the reminder, Aftin and Haden.

your friendly neighborhood montrose senior photographer,

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  1. Michelle Robertson

    Graduating seniors always show up and bring their best, but it’s even better when they bring what they love too! I guarantee this senior guy had more fun because he brought his guitar and skateboard, and it really shows in this gorgeous senior portrait session!


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