Fruit Bath Baby

Aug 27, 2021Children, Photography

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose Colorado

This is a session that I have wanted to do for a really long time and it did not disappoint! This little Fruit Bath Baby was so much fun to photograph! She was just a little doll!

We made sure to keep the water at a bath-like temp ( with lots of coolers normally used for soccer and lacrosse games) so it wouldn’t be a shock when she got in. I waited until she was ready to get in to pour the water in and put the fruit in…I did want it to get soggy. She was a little unsure at first but after a little while she was ready to dig into the fruit.

She was most curious about the lemons and tasted them a few times. I think she liked them ok because we didn’t really get the yucky sour face you would normally see. But the strawberries were by far the favorite snack. I was curious what she would think/do when we put her in the water but she was pretty content to sit and snack on her fruit. This was a very controlled session. Parents were right next to me watching in case her bites of strawberry were a little too big or if she wanted to get out because she was cold. Safety is always my first concern.

Once the water was gone and the fruit was put away, we did capture a few sweet little moments with sister sitting in an adorable little chair. Sometimes studio sessions are just the best.


I hope you enjoyed this session and if you would like to talk about scheduling a session, click the link and we can get a coffee and see what interests you have! https://candacemiller1.sproutstudio.com/invitation/pre-consultation-in-person-

your friendly neighborhood montrose child photographer,


*I am a certified professional lifeguard and am trained in CPR/FIRST AID for that purpose. But while I am focused on photography, I prefer parents to be readily available.


  1. Michelle Robertson

    Candace, I really love these baby portraits! These fruit bath baby session is simply adorable! I love that her bows match the strawberries!

    • cmphotographyowner

      They were so much fun! I really want to do some more soon with a different variety of fruit! They look so beautiful!

  2. kelleen hite

    How adorable is this! I cant imagine any parent Colorado wouldn’t love the chance to get baby bath photos- especially with fruits! Help to keep her entertained, and adds a fabulous pop of color! just beautiful!

    • cmphotographyowner

      She was such a little doll. I couldn’t get over her little pig tails!! Thanks so much, Kelleen!


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