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Jun 29, 2020Children

by Candace Miller Photography Montrose, CO

We all know that there are those big moments in life that we want to “capture on film” as they used to say. Now I guess we just say “get a snapshot of” since we are living in the digital age. Those moments like births, graduations, weddings; those are THE moments. The BIG ones. The ones that everyone will have photos of and some people (hopefully most people will even hire a professional for those BIG moments; more on that in another post). But as parents, there are BIG moments in little things as well. That’s what this post is all about. These are the photos that every parent should have in their arsenal. The hit ya right in the feelz photos. The sit back and wonder what happen to those days photos. The photos of the good ol’ days.

Before we get started I want to add a disclaimer that Candace Miller Photography is in no way responsible for the way in which any parent so chooses to use their “Photo Arsenal”. However, they do make great slideshows for graduation parties and weddings (when the time comes). You’re welcome.

1. babies sleeping (always and forever adorable)
2. babies puking (i was like a ninja with this one, it was quite remarkable!)candacemillerphotography-montrosecolorado-childrensphotographer-0003
3. babies diaper blowouts (you’ll never forget their worst and neither should they)
4. babies crawling
5. babies first steps
6. babies teething (what did they love to chew on!?)
7. babies first tooth
8. their first foods
9. baby yawns (so cute)
10. bath time…can be babies or kids or heck make them re-create this one as teens 🤣
11. snuggle time
12. playing with bubbles
13. playing with pets
14. wearing mom and/or dads clothes (it’s like a rite of passage)
15. playing in mud puddlescandacemillerphotography-montrosecolorado-childrensphotographer-0004
16. jumping on the bed
17. helping mom and dad in the kitchen
18. helping mom and dad with chores
19. helping mom and dad “fix stuff”
20. learning a new skill (tieing shoes, doing homework, using a screw driver,  fishing, etc)
21. playing sports
22. playing on the playground
23. doing their favorite thing
24. playing dress up
25. All. The. Holidays
26. playing with friends
27. with their stuffies and lovies
28. losing teeth
29. hands and feet
30. haircuts
31. favorite clothes
32. when they are injured/have ouchies
33. catching bugs and frogscandacemillerphotography-montrosecolorado-0005
34. doing something they aren’t supposed to do
35. beginning of the school year/end of the school year
36. when they are mad
37. laughing out loud
38. not looking at you
39. pretending to drive your car
40. playing their favorite game
41. at their class parties
42. being quiet
43. reading books
44. when they ask you to
45. playing in the rain
46. first driving lesson
47. first sleepover
48. pool parties/hangouts
49. playing in leaves
50. s’mores around the campfire
51. first dorm room
52. first apartment
53. girlfriends/boyfriends
54. people in their lives

These are all moments that tell the story of your child(ren) growing up. They can look back at these memories and know exactly how they felt and what was going on. We do it. We look back at photos of ourselves and think “What in the world was I wearing!?” right! Don’t we want our kids to have those memories to look back on. To remember what was going on when they were little. To see what they dreamed of!

It would make an amazing graduation or wedding gift for your child to have an album made of all of those memories. It will take some time and it will take some work, but they will cherish it, and it would be a gift that they wouldn’t get anywhere else. If you need help or are overwhelmed with where to start, let me know and I can get you there! Start slow and it will all come together.

your friendly neighborhood montrose child photographer,


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