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Nov 9, 2021Children, Families, Family Portrait Session, Gallery

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

We all have those friends that are just out of the box thinkers. The ones that are so creative, we wish we could just have a tiny bit of their talent because everything they touch turns into something amazing. Well, this next session that I’m about to show you is from people like that. Everything they do turns out wonderful.

Leanna and Jordan are the owners of Mosaic in Montrose. They have amazing things in the shop and are always offering fo many fun and interesting workshops for kids and adults. They have so much going on, I honestly don’t know how they keep it all straight but somehow they manage and it turns out fantastic…so if you haven’t been in, do yourself a favor and head into Mosaic.

This session came about because Leanna wanted some family photos. It was too late in the season for the Sunflowers (maybe next year) so they decided to use the ally next to their building. Their family has owned the building for a really long time and the ally is about to get remodeled, so she wanted photos before things changed. BUT, they found this awesome vintage couch in the alley and couldn’t just leave it. We had to use it!

We did a few “normal” photos and then they changed into clothes more appropriate and in time with the couch, so their daughter and I did some fun photos while we were waiting.

These photos turned out even better than I had hoped…thanks to the people in the background. Especially the police officers!!

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candacemillerphotography-downtownmontroseco-lifestyle-60 candacemillerphotography-downtownmontroseco-lifestyle-50 candacemillerphotography-downtownmontroseco-lifestyle-70

There is never a dull moment with my job…and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

So fun and creative AND just what they were looking for!!

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  1. Michelle Robertson

    These family photos in Downtown Montrose are so much fun!!!! I love that you did some traditional portraits, but then used that sofa for something different. You have some great ideas for family pictures!

    • cmphotographyowner

      This was a totally out of the box kind of session for the client. We share the alley between our buildings and it was fun to see what we could do with it. The police officers did not disappoint! 😂

  2. Jodi Major

    So much fun in these Downtown Montrose photos. What a fun family to work with and small business owners to support with your small business!


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