Dorm Room Essentials

Aug 11, 2022Decorating, Moms, Parenting, Parenting Teens, teens

It’s likely that a lot of you have already headed off to college and packing up for college has been happening for most of the summer. But I wanted to make this list for those last minute procrastinators like myself that really just want to grab the essentials before they go. I was more of a decorate as I go kind of person and not really a plan ahead kind of girl. Also, my dorm was one room with one roommate, not like the nice big suites that some of you get. So, with all that in mind, here are some essentials that you will want to grab before you head off on your EPIC college experience!

  1. Mattress Topper: this one is memory foam but choose one that works best for you. https://a.co/hu6GBTQ
  2. Bed Shelf: this bed shelf will have several uses, from doing homework in bed, to just hanging out and watching tv with snacks. https://a.co/44pqP0z
  3. Full Length Mirror/Jewelry Organizer : https://a.co/d/8Ji6mbP
  4. Bedding
  5. Shower Shoes
  6. Small set of dishes and cutlery
  7. Blackout Curtains : it depends on the length of your windows but these are only $22!! https://a.co/1RUEwRU
  8. Sound Cancelling Headphones: these are a great brand. my husband has some and he has had zero complaints! https://a.co/4G1D1UW
  9. Study Pillow: you will definitely want to be comfy while you study! Grab one of these to make the long nights better! https://a.co/8vJhpxU
  10. Under the bed storage: https://a.co/8t3DckA and bed risers to give more space: https://a.co/hSDpk8V
  11. Mini Kuerig
  12. Towel Wrap
  13. Brita Water Filter
  14. Mini Steamer/IronRain Coat/Boots (depending on your school’s location) but it might be nice to have just in case.


These are just the essentials. Of course there are LOTS of other things you can do to make your dorm cozy and comfortable and feel like your home away from home. If there is anything that I left off this list, leave it in the comments so others can be sure to add it to their list!



  1. Brandi

    This is a great list of essentials for incoming college freshman. Definitely do not forget the shower shoes!

  2. Michelle Robertson

    I love this list of things to bring for your freshman dorm room! It’s such a great resource for moms sending their kids off to college!


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