Mantle Photo and My Amazing Husband

My husband made this perfect mantle for our fireplace about a year and a half ago and we have been struggling to find just the right piece to decorate it. He’s a bit of a woodworker. He’s made just about all the furniture we have in our house, besides like couches and chairs. And he does all this in his free time…as a hobby. He’s kind of amazing. I kind of have a crush on him.

Anyway, back to the mantle. It’s a reclaimed wood mantle from an old wooden sign that we found on our property. Finding the right photo when you take hundreds of photos (probably closer to thousands) a year can become quite daunting. As you see, I don’t take photos lightly. Being a family photographer makes it a process for me. But I think that decorating is that way for a lot of people. You don’t just slap something on the way and say, “Yep, looks great.” For me and us, it has to mean something. A place we’ve been, something we’ve done together, etc. We are lucky. We have been able to travel to some really beautiful places so we have a lot to choose from.

IMG_0787.JPGThese photos are also a fun reminder for our kids. They see the photos and it automatically reminds them of something fun that happened and takes them back to that time. Photos are such a sweet reminder for everyone, especially kids. It’s sometimes hard for them remember something without seeing it. That’s why we have photos of our family and friends that we don’t see often, right? So we keep them close to our heart. Because they are important to us. When our kids see these places and people in our homes they understand so much better what has important place in our lives. So we think we finally have the photos. Photos that will bring back fun memories for all of us!


We have chosen one photo for each season so far (except for spring – spring here is just really windy so a dust storm didn’t seem to suit what we were looking for, ha!). The winter scene that we have chosen is from a place that we visit often and means a lot to my husband. He went there a lot growing up. The summer one is from a short little trip we took as a family, and the fall one is from a family cabin that we frequently go to to get away from the business of life.

*On a side note – these photos are also showing in a gallery that is about to end at the local hospital gallery. You can view the post about that below and if you would like to purchase any of them, there are copies for sale as well. Just hope over to the contact me section:Let’s Chat to find out more information!

Filling the Artrium


What brings you joy in your home? Do you have photos of your favorite places on your walls? Where is your happy place?


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