Bringing Christmas Cheer

Every year there is a new marketing strategy for the holidays ads on tv. Some of the ads are pretty simple, but some of the ads that we see have all the feels. It’s very clear that family and being with your loved ones is the focus of a lot of these commercials. Because what fun are the holidays, after all, if you can’t be with the ones that you love.

Here are some of my favorites:

1914 Sainsbury’s Ad – 1914 Sainsbury’s Ad2017-12-05_0004.jpg

Apple Christmas –Apple Christmas

Budweiser Christmas – Budweiser Christmas


M&M’s Christmas – M&Ms Christmas and the new follow up M&Ms Follow Up Christmas

Coca Cola Polar Bears –Coca Cola Polar Bears and Coca Cola Polar Bears

Lighthouse – Lighthouse

LL Bean Christmas – LL Bean Christmas


Why are these moments important?

As a family photographer, I strive to make lasting impressions on people’s hearts and in their lives. So when we see these commercials, we don’t have such a sense of longing. We can look at the photos around our homes and think back just a few months ago when we were laughing and playing with our loved ones, just like they are in some of these commercials. Maybe it doesn’t have to happen only once a year. Maybe we can make these special moments happen a little more frequently, and if I can help make that happen my heart is singing for joy!

Because you know what, when our kids see photos and videos of themselves around the house and in their cousin’s houses and in the grandma’s house and in their friend’s house, it makes them feel special! It boosts their self-esteem. It tells them that “hey, someone cares enough about me to have a photo of me on their wall.”

So when we get those warm fuzzies when we see these ads and commercials, it’s not because it’s just good advertising. It’s because it makes us think of home. It makes us think of family. And family is everything.

Which ones are your favorite?


Your friendly neighborhood family photographer,


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