Chore Charts…Help!

Having two amazing mini men has been the most rewarding and challenging job of my life, a close second to that would be my job as a children’s photographer. I love them more than anything but getting them to help out around the house is like pulling teeth. They are only 4 and 6 years old so it’s totally understandable that they would rather play than help out around the house…and let’s just be honest, I would rather play than do house work! But this summer, my husband and I have decided is chore chart summer! We are starting chore charts to teach them responsibility. To teach them that in this family we are a team!




So, here we go! There are age appropriate chores that we would like to do all summer, but getting them used to the idea of doing chores everyday is going to be more work for me than if I just did it myself. Here are few things that will be on their list:

Clean their rooms
Pick up toys
Help with laundry – (they can’t reach to put the soap in but they can do everything else)
Load and unload the dishwasher
Pick up dog poop (yes they can do it, they have asked to help before)
Take out the trash
Sweep the floors
Wipe down the tables



So I’m not talking about making them do anything ridiculous. But how to put it in a chart and get them to actually do it without me having to nag them all. day. long. is another story all together. Now most of the time, I’m pretty good at getting kids to do what I ask. I can make them laugh and giggle. I can get them to show me their real personalities. But when it comes to my own kids(!!) getting them to help me out is sometimes a daunting task. I will say though, that my 6 year old loves having a job, so he is usually willing to help with most things that I ask.

So friends, I’m asking for your help! What are the best charts out there? What have you used in the past? How do you get your kids to help out around the house and teach them responsibility? Do you give them an allowance? How do they earn and learn about money if you don’t give them an allowance? Tell me all your secrets!! I want to know!



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