Birthday Season

Nov 20, 2020Birthdays, Children

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

Isn’t it weird how that happens sometimes? Families will have kids all in the same month. It’s birthday/holiday season at our house. Our boys are 2 years apart but their birthdays are just a week apart. It’s hectic and crazy but so fun!

We have one kiddo, the little one, that is always just a ball of energy and excitement during this time of year. He can’t sleep he is so excited! For the holidays, his birthday, new toys, playing with friends, cake, food. You name it, he loves it all! The other kiddo is an old soul. He likes to take it all in. He loves all that stuff too, but he doesn’t want the loud attention so much. He likes¬†the quiet snuggles and talks. He likes to know that you are listening and you are there. Of course cake is everyone’s favorite thing, but he doesn’t make a big fuss. He’s just more reserved. Always has been.

Of course during all the madness, we have to fit in the annual birthday photos! Doesn’t everyone do that!? No, just me?? Well, let me tell you a little about annual birthday photos because it’s amazing! First of all, this is a tradition that I started with my babies. Yes, I’m a photographer so I have thousands of photos but these are the “professional” photos. The ones where I pull out the “big” camera and make them put on “real clothes”, not just sweats or jammies. I want these photos to reflect who that are each year. Their style, what they are into, and of course all their cuteness. I want to see all those freckles, their hair style, their lost teeth. ALL. OF. IT. And every year when we go back and look at these photos, we see how much they have grown and changed.


Right now, these amazing boys of mine still hold my hand and give me hugs in front of their friends. Someday, that won’t be the case. And these little moments are what I want to look back on and remember.

So happy 8th birthday, L. You have been a happy-go-lucky little

man since you came into this world. You light up the room with your laugh and you make friends easier than anybody I know. You’re kind and funny and smart and loving and fearless…a little fear wouldn’t hurt for this mommas heart, sometimes ya know. We love you more than you’ll ever know.

And happy 10th birthday, C (next week). Your kind and loving heart makes others want to be and do better. You have always been a passionate guy, and I don’t ever want you to lose your passion. You have more creativity in your little finger than I have in my whole body and it’s amazing to see the things that you come up with. You have the best dimples and an amazing smile. We love you to the moon, buddy.




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