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Aug 8, 2022Parenting, Parenting Teens, teens, Tweens

School is just around the corner and finding ways to keep our sanity, things and brains organized is a very high priority! That first week of school is always a little rough, but hopefully implementing some of these apps as useful tools will help take off some of the stress. The list below is loooong but I’ve categorized it into sections and you can pick and choose if any of them would be useful for you and your family…some can cross over a little bit .


  • Out of Milk: shopping, pantry, and to-do list all in one.
  • CareZone: simplified medication management
  •  Fit On: great workout program when you don’t have time for the gym(or if the gym is closed).
  • CineMama: Take photos of your baby belly bump and turn them into a movie!
  •  Sprout Pregnancy: Pregnancy tracker with daily content and 3D real-to-life movements.
  • InstaCart: Online grocery with delivery!
  •  Amazon: how do you not already have this one!?
  • Breathe: meditation and sleep app that helps with stress and anxiety…ahhhh
  •  KidsEatFree: A list of restaurants where kids can eat free!! Woohoo!!
  • SitorSquat: Give you the location of the nearest restrooms! Helpful with potty training and…other times.
  •  Ibotta: gives you cash back when you buy things!
    Chore Monster: great for getting kids to do chores with rewards and prize.
  •  Baby Connect: record feedings, diapers, meds, naps, basically everything that needs recording in one place!
  •  Cozi Family Organizer: shared calendar for everyday life; reminders, grocery list, etc.
  •  Trekaroo: Find kid-friendly events when traveling! Who doesn’t need that!?
  • Mint: Finances…all things finances!
  • Google Calendar or Calendy: shareable calendar for all family and even friends! Keep everyone on the same page!
  • Toodledo – to do lists, notes, sharing, outlines
    White noise app – need a kid to sleep someone besides their bed…this will help!!
  • Our Pact – parental guidance app. ability to block apps and apply time limits on devices.
  • Cymath – this math app will help you solve most if not all math problems and show you how step -by – step!
  • Photomath – another math app with step-by-step explanations that will check homework and help study for tests.


High School


  • Homework App – it’s like a planner with all your classes and assignments in one place!
  •  Duolingo – learning a new language with game like lessons!
  • Word Hippo – find words that you can describe but can’t think of!
  • Linguee – Super dictionary with multiple languages!
  • Magoosh – improves vocabulary and can be used to study for the SAT, PSAT, or ACT.
  • Documents to go – continue editing and working on papers and presentations away from your computer.
  • Wolfram Alpha – will do just about anything. from physics to elementary math $2.99
  • Meta Calculator – graphing, scientific, matrix, and statistics calculator
  • Quizlet – create or find flashcards for studying!
  • Booster Buddy – This one is for mental health!

Middle School

  • Words with friends – building vocabulary game
  • Alarmy – alarm clock app. Also set so that you have to take a photo, do a math equation, or enter a password so the alarm goes off and it tell the weather so the child is ready for the day.
  • A+ Writing Prompts– endless supply of writing inspiration
  • Flocabulary – over 900 storytelling and musical educational learning videos, including language arts, math, science, life skills, vocabulary, etc.
  • Geometry Pad – create shapes and explore properties and calculate metrics.
  • myHomework Student Planner – time management and organizing skills. track classes, assignments, tests, due dates, etc, in one location and it’s all sharable.



  • I hope you all have a fantastic school year!



    1. Brandi

      Wow! What a great list of apps for parents and teens to look into as everyone starts a new school year!

    2. Andrea

      This is an amazing source! All the apps a mom in the run needs in one glance. I love the nearest restroom hint! I need it myself, and I know moms with youngsters do too. Thank you Candace for taking the time to pool all of these amazing resources and describe their uses!

    3. Michelle Robertson

      Wow Candace! What a helpful list of apps for busy moms! Once kids go back to school, everything seems to get more crazy. We can use all the help we need! Thanks for putting this all together in one easy list!

    4. Jodi Major

      These are great. Wonderful idea to help everyone have helpful apps for back to school. I can’t believe we’re even talking back to school already!


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