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Dec 7, 2020Children, Decorating, Families, Holidays

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO

Each year, my husband and I get out our advent “train”. It’s a train that we got from LL Bean when the boys were babies, and it has little drawers that open and little trees that come apart to put tiny treats, or for us, little notes for advent. It is one of our boys’ most favorite of our holiday traditions. Coming up with things to do for advent is the hardest part but if you need ideas, you have come to the right place! We have been doing this for years now, so we have this down pretty well.

The Advent Train isn’t just for candy or toys, it’s also for random acts of kindness so there are SO MANY options!! We like to mix. and match the things for our kids to keep things interesting. And if the schedule is too busy one day, we just switch things up while they are in bed, ha! So I’m going to list some ideas below and if you have any that I haven’t thought of, please leave them in the comments. I’m always on the look out for more ideas!


1. make paper snowflakes to decorate your home
2. make it snow inside (with paper and a hole punch – this one’s a little messy but SO much fun!)
3. take the postal workers cookies at the post office
4. make your neighbors some christmas candy (peppermint bark is a huge hit!!)
5. sprinkle some toys/or candies through the calendar
6. make christmas rice crispy treats with cookie cutters
7. make teacher gifts
8. make a christmas ornament with salt dough
9. make a snowglobe
10. put a christmas tree in the kids’ rooms
11. have a dance party to christmas music
12. play christmas bingo
13. make a paper chain
14. string popcorn
15. dinner and movie under the christmas tree
16. visit a christmas tree farm
17. go on a sleigh ride
18. take the police and fire departments christmas treats
19. leave a thank you and gift card for your postal carrier in your mailbox
20. leave a goodie basket for the UPS and FED EX workers that are working long hours to deliver our packages on time for Christmas
21. christmas window clings
22. christmas mad libs and word searches
23. christmas light scavenger hunt
24. make christmas cookies (santa loves homemade cookies!!)
25. make reindeer food
26. christmas trivia games
27. write letters to santa
28. go to a christmas parade
29. help wrap gifts
30. christmas puzzles
31. donate toys to a kids shelter
32. candy cane bomb a parking lot

These are just some of the ideas we’ve had over the years. Some things are easier when they are little and some things get easier as they get bigger. But I will tell you, they look forward to this tradition every single year. And here is a pro tip ***sync your google calendar to your phone!! Put your activities on your calendar and you will know what activity is coming up! ** This will also help if you do elf on the shelf.

I hope this helps some of you with activities! Happy Christmas!

your friendly neighborhood children’s photographer,


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