Accessorize Your Senior Photography Session

Feb 9, 2021Seniors, teens, Tweens

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO
February 9, 2021

Hands down, the most common question that I get asked is “What should I bring to my Senior Photography Session!?” I have a few different answers to this question, so I’m just going to dive right it.

1. Something you would wear everyday.
2. Something fancy.
3. Something fun.

Those three things will give you a lot of variety in the looks that we are able to capture. So, how do you create these looks!? Well, obviously you know the answer to number one. Numbers 2 and 3 can be as simple as accessories!

So let’s start with #2 -Something Fancy:

The base of the outfit can be anything from a fun frilly top, a jumpsuit, to a dress. We can make any of those work. Add some fun heels or boots, a pop of color with a necklace if you are wearing all black like we see here on Ally, and if we needed to we could add a belt and/or a super cute hat to top off the look. I usually start with a solid color or pretty close to solid color for the base and add pops of color with the accessories.

candacemillerphotography-montroseco-seniorphotographer-012 candacemillerphotography-montroseco-seniorphotographer-13

For #3 – Something Fun:

This could be anything that you REALLY love. This pink, furry coat on Ally is something that would definitely fit into the FUN category! This is not an everyday accessory! It adds a HUGE punch of color to the outfit and creates interest. You can always add a touch of jewelry…big hoop earrings would be perfect with this pink coat! But not too much…you don’t want to make it TOO busy.


Style Closet

All of these looks that you see above are a part of the Candace Miller Photography Style Closet! So, if you aren’t quite sure what to bring, you are welcome to grab something from the style closet to add to your look or to make your outfit pop! New pieces will be added occasionally and I am currently in the works with another local business to share their inventory of fun items with my Teens!

A couple of things to note: A cute hat will ALWAYS be a good idea! You may think you don’t look good in hats, but I promise you will love these photos! Sunglasses are always fun to bring along! They make good props for you to hold onto and give you something to do with your hands…and they look amazing! We can do all kinds of things with belts and scarves!

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your friendly neighborhood montrose senior session expert,


  1. Jodi Major

    Awesome tips on how to accessorize your senior photography session. It is tough to know what to wear or bring. So awesome that you have a style closet to help with that!

    • cmphotographyowner

      Steadily building it up and finding pieces that will work well for everyone! It’s been super fun being able to shop for girls again too…boy mom here, haha!

  2. Michelle Robertson

    Oh those colors!!! Offering your clients a style closet is so helpful! My favorites for senior pictures are definitely hats and sunglasses!

    • cmphotographyowner

      Right!? Sometimes a hat can make all the difference!


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