7 Photo Ideas For Senior Guys

Aug 31, 2020Seniors, teens

by Candace Miller Photography Montrose, CO

I’ve been a professional photographer for a long time (17 years!!!), and in all my time as a photographer, guys are usually the least likely to tell me what they like and where they want to go. They usually just want to get in and get it over with. Short and to the point. That’s not to say ALL guys are that way, but for the most part, that’s been my experience when talking with them. However, once we get to the session,  they usually open up a bit and we start to have a little more fun. So, here are a few photo ideas for Teen Guys if you are having a hard time deciding what you want to do with your session. Keep in mind that most of the time, the lighting matters more than the background.

  1. Any kind of stone/brick wall. This can be used as a neutral background most of the time. They can lean on it, stand in front of it, look down it etc.
  2. The backward chair. This is kind of a classic for guys.
  3. Cars or Trucks. It could be the car that they drive or andoldie, but if they are into cars these sessions can turn out really cool.

4. Sports. Be sure to bring something from the sport that they play.










5.  Fences. Fences make great leading lines and can be a great prop.

6. Instruments!! If they play instruments, absolutely bring those.

7. Suit. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but a nice suit photo could be useful in a lot of ways.


Yes, the title of this post is “ideas for Teen Guys” but ANY of these could work for girls as well. These sessions are supposed to be about you! Let your personality show through. Be yourself. Don’t try to do what everyone else is doing…think outside the box! If you have an idea that you would like to try, let’s hear it! I’m sure there is some way we could incorporate it into your session 😉


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