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Apr 3, 2020Children, Families, things to do with kids, Work At Home Moms

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO


We are all trying to navigate our way through this new way of life. Our kids being home 24/7 (not going to school when they should be), working from home when we should be going to work, and not being able to leave the house when we want to. As a professional family and child photographer, my business is not an essential business in this COVID-19 crisis that we are trying desperately to get through, and to me that means that it is irresponsible of me to put people in any unnecessary risk while trying to keep my business open. So for the time being, and until it is deemed safe and necessary, my business will remain closed for sessions. BUT that does not mean that I am not doing my best to help people in this time. And it does NOT mean that I am not loving my neighbors. Because right now, loving our neighbors can look like, staying home to not add additional exposure to the virus. It can also look like, getting their groceries when we get ours. Sometimes it looks like offering to teach a new skill via Facebook Live for free so that people can share beautiful photos (check out my facebook page for that video) and sometimes it looks like just calling to check in and see how everyone is doing. Right now, we just need to be there for one another, without the physical element, so we can get on with our lives once there is a vaccine to fight the virus.


With all of that doom and gloom out of the way, I have a list of 19 Boredom Busters for kids!! Most of these we have done and some are still on our to-do list but they are things that can and most likely will be repeated. My boys have loved all of these and I think your kids will too! So in no particular order, away we go:


  1. sidewalk chalk – draw fun objects to take photos with! we did balloons and kites and rainbows!
    2. paint rocks
    3.  card games– Egyptian Rat Screw (called Egyption Rat for the kiddos) really fun!
    4.  board games-ticket to ride is super fun
    5.  puzzles
    6.  2 square/4 square
    7. soccer
    8. frisbie
    9.  water beads – these are the ones we have and they have lasted a really long time! Water Beads
    10.  movie days
    11.  baking/cooking-teach them to cook their favorite meal or bake their favorite dessert…make a certain day of the week their cooking day
    12.  lego challenges– this is a free printable calendar and the kids LOVE the competition  Lego Challenge Calendar
    13.  salt dough crafts – we’ve done this almost every Christmas but nothing says it has to be Christmas! Fun Salt Dough Idea
    14.  shrinky dinks – my boys LOVE LOVE LOVE making these…they have been around since i was a kid and they are super easy. Shrinky Dinks
    15.  science experiments – always a huge hit at our house
    16.  tie dye – make a tie dye t-shirt! do this one outside!! Tie Dye Kit
    17.  create a scavenger hunt – this can be a fun outside activity if the weather is nice…it can also be made into an online activity with extended family and they can post photos of the things they find or do a zoom call or google hangout for everyone to show their fun finds!Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas
    18. build a fort!– there are SO many things that kids can use to build a fort…blankets, boxes, pillows, chairs, couches, and if you really want to think outside the box let them get the tent out!
    19. camping on the trampoline


Thankfully, most of these are things that you already have at home, so there is no need to go shopping. We can use this time to create a stronger bond with our families. We can either think of this time as being forced into something OR we can spin it in a positive and think of it as “I am getting to spend some quality time with my family, safe in our home” and just keep repeating it so you convince yourself that it’s true 🤣But for real, I am so thankful that I’m getting to spend this time with my kids and hopefully they will look back and see this time as a fond memory when they are grown, and not something that they HAD TO GO THROUGH. When they look back at this chapter in their lives, I want them to say that we had fun as a family. And that’s what memories are made of…


Your friendly neighborhood montrose family and child photographer


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