10 Ways To Use Your Professional Photos

Aug 22, 2022Decorating, Families, Photo tips, Photography

by Candace Miller Photography, Montrose CO
So you’ve finished your portrait session, and you are SO excited because you LOVE all of your photos!! Now, what are you going to do with all of them!? Normally, at my viewing sessions, you will have 30ish images to choose from…sometimes more sometimes less depending on the type of session. A standard headshot may not have that many, whereas a business branding session may have WAY more than that. For the sake of this post, I’m going to focus on, non-business related sessions. So family, children, maternity, seniors, etc. And we all know that I love a good list, so here’s a list of 10 ways to use your professional photos!!
  1. Large Framed Portrait for your wall.
  2. Small framed collage for your wall.
  3. Gifts for family…grandmas love to see their babies in photos.
  4. On your nightstand in your bedroom.
  5. For your husband’s desk at work.
  6. Holiday cards.
  7. Graduation announcements/new baby announcements.
  8. Of course we live in a digital age so a profile or banner photos for social media!
  9. Displayed at mom’s office
  10. A beautiful album to showcase your entire session.
*Bonus: a gorgeous piece of jewelry with just the right photo makes a wonderful gift for mom as well!
All of these things can be done with just one session! BUT, if you have had multiple sessions with me, I can make this happen from all of them as well. We can decorate your whole house, give gifts, and create beautiful pieces of art that showcase your family and the memories that you have made from each of your sessions.


This is one of the passions of mine, to help families see their visions come to fruition. Let me know if I can help you bring your walls to life!


  1. Jodi

    Great ways to use your professional photos. It’s tough to know what all you can do with your pictures, so I love that you help your clients figure it all out!

  2. jeanine

    Wow Candace! I love these ideas and photo examples of just how fabulous it is to have portrait wall art in your home! Professional photos do need to grace the walls of family homes. I’ve read, and firmly believe, they help boost self esteem in children and it’s great for people to see every day their beautiful bond.

  3. Brandi

    I love that you help your clients figure out what to do with their professional photos after their session! There are so many options these days!

  4. Andrea

    I love seeing how large images are up against a familiar wall of a furnished room. Seeing the sizes and the space they occupy with different orientation must help clients decide to buy wall art! Very helpful read.

  5. Michelle Robertson

    Candace, you’ve got some great ideas about all the places we can show off professional photos! I love that you offer such a great product line for your clients too. Families will LOVE having these gorgeous photos displayed in their homes!


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