Capturing Life's Best Moments...

before they grow up and start their own.

Candace Miller Photography has been capturing these moments for the past 17 years and this passion is only growing stronger as her own children get older.

“Time is slipping by so quickly and it seems like only yesterday they were babies wanting to constantly be held and cuddled. Now they are school aged and constantly on the go. Soon enough they will be moving on to new adventures of their own and I don’t want to miss a single moment of the time I have left with them in my house! But the photos and portraits that I have of them aren’t just for me! It’s a legacy I’m creating for them. It’s for them and their children and grandchildren. They can look back on the story of their life and SEE all the things they did. Where they went. What they loved. How they felt. What they went through. Phases of their lives that were so important to grow through. These are the things that I want them to remember.”

If you feel the same way and want those same things for your children, below you will find the investment information for a session with Candace Miller Photography. Photos of your children can make such a huge impact and I want to thank you for taking the time to consider me as your photographer and letting me spend some time getting to know your children, your most precious possessions.

Basic :  $1,024 (Value of $2,307)

  • 10 Image Digital Collection
  • Any Size Canvas
  • Small Image Box
  • 5 8X10 Gift Prints
  • Mobile App
  • 20% off a la carte

    Complete :  $2,149 (Value of $5,457)

    • Full Digital Collection (25 images)
    • Any Size Wall Portrait
    • Any Image Box or Album
    • Any Smaller Companion Image Box or Album
    • Accordion Mini Set of 3
    • 12 Gift Prints
    • Mobile App
    • 40% off a la carte

      Standard :  $1,977 (Value of $4,759)

      • 15 Image Digital Collection
      • Any Size Wall Portrait
      • Any Image Box or Album
      • Accordion Mini Set of 3
      • 12 Gift Prints
      • Mobile App
      • 30% off a la carte


        custom printed photo album


        Custom hard cover albums are a great way to fit all the photos you want into one beautifully designed package! With a protective coating that makes this album smudge proof and fade resistant, you’ll love the way this magazine style album makes your photos come to life! Sizes available are 5×7, 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12. 

        Cost: $339-$495



        A more modern look, acrylic prints seem to float on the wall. They have cleat hanger so it is a very clean and modern look. These come in a variety of sizes.

        Cost: $231-$569.



        (20×24 Barnwood pictured) Storyboards are another great way to get the best bang for your buck!  3 beautiful styles of frames to choose between and various sizes. There are also a variety of storyboard designs to choose from.

         Cost: $164-$1,046

        custom printed photo album

        5x7 WALNUT IMAGE BOX

        This image box is a client fave! It has a customizable, acrylic lid and comes with (10) 5×7 gift prints. These gift prints can be framed just like any other print so they make great gifts…or you can keep them all for yourself. The box is a great keepsake! It can be used as a jewelry box as well. For more ideas of what to do with it, check out my blog post, http://candacemillerphotography.com/a-client-fave/ 

        Cost: $523


        4x6 CUSTOM IMAGE BOX

        This image box is a smaller, containing (10) 4×6 gift prints, but it is customizable all the same. It also has a magnetic closure. 

        Cost: $332

        Client Love

        “These pictures are not just a purchase. They truly are an investment that reflects a specific time in my life that I want to treasure and remember! From beginning to end, Candace made the entire process fun and memorable!” ~ Jessi S.

        “We had such a great experience with Candace, it felt like we were old friends! We look forward to using Candace Miller Photography in the future and would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to gain beautiful photos with a fun professional photographer.” ~Jenna J.

        “She wants her clients to be happy and I feel she would do the work to make that happen.If she hadn’t been so dedicated and good hearted those little faces would have aged another year before we captured them.” ~ Gina S.

        “I’m glad Candace was so personable, had so much to offer and was so flexible. She was a joy to work with and I’m recommending her to my friends.” ~ Donna W

        “You do beautiful work. You made us look amazing! The art and the products are amazing!” ~Rebecca J

        “Candace does an awesome job capturing the personalities of each of my kids. She makes them feel totally comfortable and brings out the best faces! Kids grow up so fast and it’s nice to have pictures to look back and remember the day by day moments. Love, love, love, my photos from Candace Miller Photography! I will cherish them forever!” ~Kelly W.

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